Since 2015, Arnold Promotions has been working with influences, authors, publishers, and businesses to help them reach the next level.  How we do this however is unique.

#SeeGoodness is our motto.  To See Goodness in all that we do and we make.  This helps to provide a positive light on all that children see.

-Little Platinum Books

While most companies try to hold onto something that they make… try to grip intellectual property and trademarks tight, we prefer to use them to bring us all up.

Arnold Promotions uses our trademarked message, #SeeGoodness, together with our clients to help us all rise up. We have a proven track record of improving click-through. We are experts at adding tens of thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers.

We focus on the following:

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others

Search Engine Marketing – Improving Google search listing placement, Google Maps, and marketing your businesses within the very powerful GSuite for Business tool-set

Inquiry marketing – Turning the inquiries into actual leads and sales

Mobile Marketing – Advertising through mobile applications, and using geo-fencing to place prospective customers within your reach

Blogging – WordPress, Blogger, Vlogging through multiple platforms including Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Flickr

Others may copy our way, but none have replicated our success.

Contact us, and lets help your brand #SeeGoodness too.

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